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Manjummel Boys Makers Face Legal Trouble After Ilaiyaraaja Serves Copyright Notice

The makers of the Malayalam blockbuster Manjummel Boys have found themselves in legal hot water after veteran composer Ilaiyaraaja served them with a copyright notice for using his song “Kanmani Anbodu” from the 1991 film Guna.

The survival thriller, starring Soubin Shahir and Sreenath Bhasi, has been making headlines for various reasons throughout the year. Recently, the filmmakers were embroiled in a legal dispute following allegations of cheating filed by the film’s investors. Now, they face another legal challenge from the music maestro Ilaiyaraaja.

Why Did Ilaiyaraaja Serve a Copyright Notice?

Manjummel Boys follows a group of 11 friends who embark on a trip to Kodaikanal, where one of them falls into a pit inside the Guna Caves, named after the Kamal Haasan film. The film pays homage to Guna through multiple references and notably features the song “Kanmani Anbodu” at a crucial moment. Ilaiyaraaja alleges that the song was used without his permission, prompting him to send the copyright notice, according to a report by India Today.

Director Prem Kumar’s Previous Statement

Earlier this year, in March, director Prem Kumar faced similar allegations regarding his 2018 romantic film ‘96. A YouTube journalist claimed that both ‘96 and Manjummel Boys had used Ilaiyaraaja’s songs without proper authorization. Prem Kumar responded by stating that permissions were obtained through Think Music and other labels. He emphasized that using Ilaiyaraaja’s songs was intended as a tribute to the legendary composer.

However, Ilaiyaraaja’s recent copyright notice suggests that the permissions may not have been adequately secured for Manjummel Boys. Official statements from the film’s makers are awaited for further clarification.

Previous Copyright Notice to Rajinikanth’s Coolie Makers

This is not the first instance of Ilaiyaraaja defending his intellectual property. Earlier this month, he issued a notice to the makers of Rajinikanth’s upcoming film Coolie for using his song “Va Va Pakkam Va” from 1983 without permission.

The unfolding situation with Manjummel Boys highlights the importance of securing proper authorization for the use of creative works, ensuring respect for intellectual property rights in the film industry.

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