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“We’re Coming Back”: Nirmala Sitharaman Confident of PM Modi’s Third Term | EXCLUSIVE

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has expressed strong confidence that the BJP-led NDA will form the government for a third consecutive term, emphasizing that the Indian populace seeks stability and certainty in governance.

In an exclusive interview with India Today TV, Sitharaman highlighted that the people of India have made up their minds to re-elect the BJP, inspired by the initiatives and achievements of Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the past decade.

“The Prime Minister is comfortably coming back for a third term. We are coming back. There’s a palpable buzz on the ground that people want a stable and certain government. They have witnessed what PM Modi has delivered over the last 10 years,” she affirmed.

Sitharaman pointed out that the public’s intentions are evident, noting the high voter turnout, particularly among women and youth, who have been standing in long queues to cast their votes. “Women have clearly articulated that they have benefited from the schemes. They are the ones who typically do not just listen to promises but also look for the actual delivery of those schemes,” she added.

In response to allegations by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi accusing the BJP government of indulging in crony capitalism, Sitharaman dismissed the claims and criticized Gandhi for adopting “extreme Left” arguments to attract voters.

“It seems very provocative and immediately raises the temper. But it is also attractive for a political campaign. Who is talking about crony capitalism? Congress? Just look back at the eras of Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, and Rajiv Gandhi. Crony capitalism was rampant and was a hallmark of the Indira and Rajiv Gandhi governments,” she retorted.

Taking a jab at Rahul Gandhi, Sitharaman said he is “very good at making statements without any proof in hand.” She recalled that “Rahul Gandhi has been trying this game since 2014-15. He had to go to the Supreme Court and apologize,” she added.

This confident assertion by Sitharaman underscores the BJP’s readiness to return to power, driven by their belief in the positive impact of PM Modi’s governance over the last decade and the public’s trust in their leadership.

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