Top 10 Temples In Chennai

Top 10 Temples In Chennai

More than 600 Hindu temples can be found in Chennai and its surroundings. These temples are more than just places of worship, housing certain deities, but are a gateway to understanding the people of Chennai and their culture. A visit to this smart city is incomplete without paying a visit to the temples of Chennai. They have historical connections, interesting legends, beautiful sculptures, extraordinary architecture and so on. Because they were constructed in accordance with the peculiar South Indian architectural traditions, these temples serve as symbols of spirituality, culture, art, and tradition. These temples are dedicated to every Hindu god, including Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Goddess Sakthi, Murugan, Vinayaka, Kubera, Lakshmi, and many others, this capital city serves as a major destination for pilgrimage.


1. why is Chennai called the city of temples?

Chennai is called the city of temples as it is home to hundreds of unique temples belonging to multiple religions, including Hinduism and Jainism.

 2. What is the oldest temple in Chennai?

The Parthasarathy Temple is a 6th-century Hindu Vaishnavite temple dedicated to Vishnu in Chennai, India.

 3. What is special about the temples of Chennai?

Chennai hosts nine Navagraha Temples, dating back to the Chola dynasty from the 7th to the 11th century. These temples, scattered around the city’s outskirts, are dedicated to the nine planets or deities. While most have Lord Shiva as the main deity, one, Suryanar Kovil in Kumbakonam, is dedicated to the Sun God.

 4. Which is the No 1 temple in Chennai?

Kapaleeshwarar Temple. Set in Mylapore, this temple in Chennai is an ancient marvel that captivates with its Dravidian architecture built around the 7th century CE by the ruling Pallavas. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, here he is worshiped as Kapaleeshwarar, represented by a Lingam.

 5. Which temple in Chennai is made of gold?

The salient feature of ‘Thirupuram’ is the Lakshmi Narayani temple who’s Vimanam and Ardha Mandapam is covered with pure gold, housing the deity Sri Lakshmi Narayani (female consort/wife of Vishnu Narayana).

There are numerous temples across Chennai, some of which date back thousands of years. Let’s look at some of the city’s most stunning temples that you simply must visit. The temples to visit in Chennai are listed below:

1. Kapaleeshwarar Temple

kapaleeswarar temple

The Kapaleeshwarar Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Shiva located in Mylapore, Chennai in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The temple was built around the 7th century CE and is an example of South Indian Architecture.

Address:  234, Ramakrishna Mutt Rd, Vinayaka Nagar Colony, Mylapore, Chennai, and Tamil Nadu 600004

Hours: 5.30am-12pm to 4-9pm

Rating: 4.8 (7.2T)

2. Arulmigu Sri Parthasarathy Perumal Temple Tiruvallikeni

The temple was originally built by the Pallavas in the 8th century, subsequently expanded by Cholas and later by the Vijayanagara kings in the 15th century. The temple has several inscriptions dating from the 8th century in Tamil and Telugu presumably from the period of Dantivarman, who was a Vishnu devotee.

Address: Car St, Narayana Krishnaraja Puram, Triplicane, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600005

Hours: 6am-12pm to 4-9pm

Rating: 4.7 (25T)

3. Arulmigu Vadapalani Murugan Temple

Arulmigu Vadapalani Murugan Temple

Vadapalani Andavar Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Muruga. It is located in Vadapalani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and India. It was renovated in the 1920s and a Rajagopuram was built during that time. 

Address: Palani Andavar Koil St, Vadapalani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600026

Hours: 5.30am-12pm to 4-9pm

Rating: 4.7 (23T)

4. The Royal(ish) Kalikambal Temple

Kaalikambal Kamadeswarar Temple

It also celebrates the divinity of Lord Kamadeswarar. Today, this ancient place of worship is surrounded by tall buildings built on the prominent financial district of Chennai, the Thambo Chetti street. An interesting fact about this monument is that it used to be in a completely different location which was close to the sea. It was relocated to where it is now in 1640 AD.

Address: 212, Thambu Chetty St, near DHL Express Courier, Mannadi, George Town, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600001

Hours: 6:00 AM- 12:00 PM and 5:00 PM- 9:00 PM

Rating: 4.8 (11199)

5. Ashtalakshmi Temple

Shri Ashtalakshmi Temple

Each of these types of wealth are represented as an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi in this temple. They are Gaja Lakshmi, Dhana Lakshmi, Santaana Lakshmi, Dhaanya Lakshmi, Dhairya Lakshmi, Adi Lakshmi, Vijaya Lakshmi, and Vidya Lakshmi. As you go around the temple you will see each of the Lakshmis represented differently in their respective abodes. Having been built in 1976, this temple consolidates both Dravidian architecture and contemporary architecture.

Address: 25R, Beach Rd, Kalakshetra Colony, Besant Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600090

Hours: 6:30 AM- 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM- 8:00 PM

Rating: 4.6 (13114)

6. Arulmigu Marundeeswarar Temple

Arulmigu Marundeeswarar Temple

Marundeeswarar Temple is a temple dedicated to Hindu deity Shiva, located in Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai adjacent to the beach of Bay of Bengal. It is one of the 275 Paadal Petra Sthalams where two of the most revered Nayanars Appar and Thirugnana Sambandar, have glorified the temple with their verses during the 7th century CE. The temple has been widely expanded by Chola kings during the 11th century CE.[2] The temple has two seven-tiered gateway towers, a huge tank, with the overall temple area covering 1 acre. 

Address:  8, W Tank St, Ambedkar Nagar, Lalitha Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai, and Tamil Nadu 600041

Hours: 6AM- 11:00 PM and 4:00 PM- 8:00 PM

Rating: 4.8 (12T)

7. Shirdi Sai Baba Temple

Sai Baba Temple Mylapore

In 1953, they put together the operation to construct this beautiful temple in the honor of their God. Sai Baba was a historic figure who lived in the 19th century and was renowned for bridging the gap between Hindus and Muslims because of his charitable outlook towards life. He has lived on in the country’s memory for preaching unity, a revered national sentiment.

Address: 7M7+4VF, Venkatesa Agraharam Road, Kapaleeswarar Nagar, Venkatesa Agraharam, Mylapore

Hours: 7am-1pm to 3-9pm

Rating: 4.7 (9292)

8. Arulmigu Velleeswarar Thirukovil

Arulmigu Velleeswarar Thirukovil

This mid-sized temple, spread over 2 acres is one amongst the Seven Shiva Temples of Mylapore. It is situated at South Mada Street, closer to Kapaleeswarar Temple.

Address: 25, TSV Koil St, Sankarapuram, Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600004

Hours: 5am-8pm

Rating: 4.7 (1.1T)

9. Arulmigu Sri Thiyagarajaswamy Temple

Arulmigu Sri Thiyagarajaswamy Temple

The temple is closely associated with the saint poet Sundarar and Pattinathar. The temple has been in vogue from the Pallava times of the 7th century and widely expanded by Chola kings during the 11th century. The temple has a seven tiered gateway tower, a tank, with the overall temple area covering 1 acre.

Address: 576X+8HG, Sannathi St, Gopal Nagar, Tiruvottiyur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600019

Hours: 6:30 AM- 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM- 8:00 PM

Rating: 4.7 (5088)

10. Kandhakottam Temple

Kandhakottam Temple

Enduring Hindu temple featuring an ornate tower, carved-stone pillars & a pond, devoted to MuruganThe Kandakottam temple has associated educational institutions for music and dance classes primary and high schools; and a college, in various locations. The Kandakottam temple also performs social welfare initiatives like free medical clinics and free pharmacies.

Address: 38, 52, Nyniappa St, Rattan Bazaar, Park Town, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600003

Hours: 6am-9.45pm

Rating: 4.7 (5T)

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