Top 10 famous biryani Spots in Chennai

Top 10 famous biryani Spots in Chennai

Biryani, the comfort food of many in Chennai, serves as a go-to hub whether we are happy or sad. The perfect biryani is one made with the right amount of spices and meat pieces that enchant us with its aroma. In Chennai, there are three distinct types of biryani places: those that are famous, those that are very famous but only well-known to locals, and those that have recently become famous for serving biryani at midnight. In this blog, we will explore the top 10 famous biryani in Chennai. In the upcoming weeks, we will delve into the other types one by one. Now, get ready to dive into the heart and soul of the top 10 biryani shops in Chennai. 

Glimpse into the history of biryani

Biryani, with its roots possibly stretching back to ancient Persia, underwent a remarkable journey before becoming a staple in Chennai, India. Historians suggest that biryani might have been brought to the Indian subcontinent by the Mughals, who were instrumental in introducing Persian cuisine and culture. As biryani traveled through the Indian subcontinent, it embraced the local flavors and ingredients, leading to the birth of numerous regional variations. 

List of top 10 best biryani spots in Chennai

1. Bai Veetu Kalyanam Biryani, Navalur


Bai Veetu Kalyanam (BVK) Biryani was founded by visionary Mr. Faheem S and has quickly risen to fame due to their authentic taste, fresh ingredients, and unique experience they offer. Remarkably, BVK Biryani is also known for being India’s first manless takeaway, a pioneering concept that highlights the brand’s innovative approach to serving its customers. 


Timing: 7 am – 3 am 

Phone: 094449 00433 

Location: 1, 187, Thalambur Rd, Navalur, Tamil Nadu 603103 

Price range: ₹250 for one order 

Rating: Google:4.5 of 8065 reviews 

Zomato: 3.6 of 6598 votes 

Swiggy: 4 of 5000 votes 

2. SS Hyderabad, Kodambakkam

SS Hyderabad Biryani Pvt Ltd, started by S. Abdul Samad from a roadside stall in Broadway, Chennai, has grown into a beloved brand among biryani lovers. The secret behind their delicious biryani is a cherished family recipe from Samad’s mother. The first official eatery opened in 1998 in Perambur, Chennai, with just 8 seats, quickly becoming a hit and leading to multiple branches across the city. 


Timing: 11 am – 11 pm  

Phone: 044 4010 4010 

Location: No:108, No.108, Arcot Rd, Trustpuram, Kodambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600024 

Price range: ₹500 for two  

Rating: Google:4.2 of 7296 reviews  

Zomato: 4.2 of 1391 votes  

Swiggy: 4.5 of 10,000 votes 

3. Dindigul Thalapkkati, Velachery


Dindigul Thalappakatti Restaurant, founded by Mr. Nagasamy Naidu in 1957 as Anandha Vilas Biriyani Hotel in Dindigul, is renowned for its unique biryani made with a special blend of spices and Seeraga Samba rice. The name “Thalappakatti,” meaning turban, became synonymous with Naidu’s brand due to the distinctive headgear he wore. This restaurant is celebrated for maintaining the original taste and quality of its biryani 


Timing: 11 am – 11 pm  

Phone: 044 4282 4113 

Location: 38, 1, Velachery Bypass Rd, Velachery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600042 

Price range: ₹700 for two  

Rating: Google: 4.1 of 9014 reviews  

Zomato: 3.8 of 1315votes  

Swiggy: 4.3 of 10,000 votes 

4. Sukkubhai , Alandur


Sukkubhai Biryani’s story began in 1955 when Mr. Abdul Khadar moved to Chennai from Nagapattinam, establishing a small eatery that became famous for its unique offerings, including the now-renowned Sukkubhai Biryani introduced in 1977. This dish, particularly its beef variety, drew customers from all walks of life thanks to its affordability and quality service. After Mr. Khadar’s passing in 1994, his legacy was continued by his family, with his son, Mr. Abdul Khader Ali, taking the helm and leading the restaurant to its current success. 


Timing: 11 am – 11 pm   

Phone: 044 4004 4004 

Location: 14, Railway Sta Rd, near Saint Anthony’s Church, Ramapuram, Alandur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600016 

Price range: ₹1000 for two   

Rating: Google: 4.0 of 21k reviews   

Zomato: 4.2 of 2643 votes   

Swiggy: 4.3 of 10,000 votes 

5. Khallids Biryani, Ambattur

2020-09-18 (1)

Khalids Biriyani, founded in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic by a trio – Abdul Rahman, Karthik Jayakumar, and Karthik Ganesan, is celebrated for bringing Chennai’s authentic Muslim-style biriyani to the forefront. They specialize in basmati rice dum biriyanis, through traditional firewood cooking. With over 15 outlets across Tamil Nadu and an outlet in the Maldives, they’ve made a mark with their commitment to quality, 


Timing: 11 am – 11 pm    

Phone: 088881 84828 

Location: OT 125, Madras Thiruvallur High Rd, Vivek Nagar, West Krishnapuram, Ambattur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600053 

Price range: ₹1000 for two    

Rating: Google: 4.0 of 1612 reviews    

Zomato: 4.2 of 143 votes    

Swiggy: 4.1 of 10,000 votes 

6. Yaa Mohaideen , Pallavaram

Yaa Mohaideen Briyani, which started in 1996, has become a landmark in Chennai’s biryani scene. It gained significant recognition when it was awarded Chennai’s No. 1 Biryani in 2018 by the Chennai Food Guide, a testament to its quality and popularity among locals and visitors alike. This accolade highlights the restaurant’s commitment to traditional flavors, quality ingredients, and its role in defining the biryani culture in Chennai. 


Timing: 9– 10 pm     

Phone: 044 4854 1717 

Location: Periyar Nagar, Pallavaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600043 

Price range: ₹700 for two     

Rating: Google: 4.0 of16k reviews     

Zomato: 4.3 of 3446 votes     

Swiggy: 4.3 of 5000 votes 

7. Buhari, Mount Road


Buhari Hotel has been blending British service finesse with the flavor of Indian cuisine for over seven decades. Its legacy in introducing innovative dishes alongside classic biryanis has made it a must-visit for food lovers. 


Timing: 11.30 am – 2 am 

Phone: 044 2855 1951 

Location: 83, Anna Salai, Border Thottam, Anna Salai, Triplicane, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600002 

Price range: ₹950 for two     

Rating: Google: 3.9 of 13499 reviews     

Zomato: 3.6 of 562 votes     

Swiggy: 4.2 of 5000 votes 

8. Hotel Paramount, Kilpauk


Paramount in Kilpauk, Chennai, is a renowned biriyani spot with a basic ambiance spread across two floors. They offer a variety of biriyani options, including Chicken Biriyani and Mutton Biriyani, which are generously portioned and reasonably priced 

Timing: 7.30 am – 11 pm 

Phone: 044 4356 0989 

Location: 12/5, Ormes Rd, near CSI Bain School, Kilpauk, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600010 

Price range: ₹600 for two      

Rating: Google: 3.9 of 5821 reviews      

Zomato: 4.1 of 974 votes      

Swiggy: 4.4 of 10000 votes 

9. Ambur Star Biryani, Chrompet

Star Biryani, a 130-year-old biryani heritage, began in 1890 when Hussain Baig created a secret biryani recipe. It rapidly expanded to around 34 outlets in India by 2018. They have 14 outlets in Chennai.  


Timing: 11 am – 11 pm  

Phone: 099234 37373 

Location: NO.412, 7, Grand Southern Trunk Rd, Lakshmi Nagar, Chromepet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600044  

Price range: ₹700 for two       

Rating: Google: 3.7 of 2.8k reviews       

Zomato: 3.9 of 210 votes       

Swiggy: 4.3 of 5k votes 

10. Salem RR Biryani, Velachery


Salem RR Biryani, a Chennai institution, has a rich history that spans over 20 years. Founded by Mr. RR Tamilselvan, it started from humble beginnings but grew into an iconic establishment. 


Timing: 11 am – 10 pm   

Phone: +919380899999 

Location: X6Q9+47V bus stop, opposite Vijayanagar, Periyar Nagar, Velachery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600042 

Price range: ₹500 for two        

Rating: Google: 3.6 of 2377 reviews        

Zomato: 4.0 of 1186 votes        

Swiggy: 4 of 10k votes 


Happy eating and may your biryani adventures in Chennai be filled with delicious flavors and joyful moments! 

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