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New York-Dublin Live Video Portal Reopens with Measures to Curb ‘Bad Behaviour’

A live video portal linking New York’s Flatiron district to central Dublin has reopened after being equipped with sensors aimed at preventing inappropriate behavior by passers-by. The Portal sculpture, which debuted earlier this month, features a large circular screen at each location displaying a live feed from the other.

In Briefly

  • Portal Fitted with Behaviour Sensors
  • Inappropriate Behaviour Led to Temporary Shutdown
  • Sensors Blur the Portal if People Get Too Close

The portal was temporarily shut down after instances of inappropriate behaviour, such as individuals exposing body parts and displaying pornographic images. Within days of its opening, late-night revellers in Dublin and at least one woman in New York engaged in such activities, leading to the decision to close the portal temporarily.

Nollaig Fahy, a programme manager for Dublin City Council Culture Company, addressed the issue on RTE radio, stating, “There is only a handful of people that have misbehaved. Unfortunately, that’s going to happen in the public realm.”

To tackle this problem, the portal has now been fitted with sensors that blur the video feed if people approach the camera too closely. This addition aims to prevent further instances of inappropriate behaviour.

Operational Changes

The live video feed, which was restored on Monday, will now operate with limited hours. Additionally, physical barriers have been installed at both locations to prevent people from getting too close to the cameras, according to a statement from Dublin City Council.

These measures are intended to ensure the portal can function as a creative and interactive public installation without being compromised by inappropriate actions, thus maintaining its intended purpose of connecting people across continents in a respectful manner.

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