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Cristiano Ronaldo Taunted with ‘Messi’ Chants as Neymar Enjoys Al-Hilal Fans’ Reaction After Kings Cup Final

Cristiano Ronaldo experienced another challenging encounter with opposition fans during the Saudi Cup final between Al-Nassr and Al-Hilal. The match ended in disappointment for Ronaldo as Al-Nassr lost, leaving him trophyless for the season. Adding to his woes, Al-Hilal fans taunted the Portuguese star with chants of “Messi-Messi” throughout the game.

The taunts intensified as Ronaldo collected his runners-up medal, with the chants continuing to mock him. The relentless “Messi-Messi” chants underscored the rivalry between the two football icons and highlighted the fans’ attempt to get under Ronaldo’s skin.

Meanwhile, Neymar, observing the situation, seemed to relish the reaction from the Al-Hilal supporters. The Brazilian star appeared to enjoy the crowd’s playful jabs at Ronaldo, adding another layer to the intense atmosphere of the match.

Despite his illustrious career, this season has been particularly tough for Ronaldo, and the loss in the Saudi Cup final, compounded by the taunting from Al-Hilal fans, marked a difficult end to his campaign.

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