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Delhi-Mumbai Akasa Air Flight Diverted to Ahmedabad Following Security Alert

A Delhi-Mumbai Akasa Air flight carrying over 180 passengers was diverted to Ahmedabad on Monday morning due to a security alert onboard.

In Briefly

  • Passenger and Crew Details: The flight had 186 passengers onboard, including an infant, and six crew members.
  • Emergency Landing: The plane made a safe emergency landing at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport at approximately 10:13 am.
  • Evacuation and Safety Measures: All passengers were safely evacuated upon arrival. An Akasa Air spokesperson stated, “The captain followed all required emergency procedures and made the landing at the airport. Akasa Air is strictly adhering to all safety and security protocols on the ground.”

This incident is part of a recent series of emergency landings by various airlines due to security alerts or threats:

  • Sunday Incident: A Mumbai-bound Vistara flight, carrying 306 passengers and crew, landed under full emergency alert after receiving a handwritten bomb threat.
  • Saturday Evening Incident: A Varanasi-Delhi IndiGo flight received a bomb threat, prompting immediate action by airport authorities at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport.
  • Chennai-Mumbai Incident: An IndiGo flight from Chennai to Mumbai made an emergency landing at Mumbai airport following a bomb threat. The aircraft was taken to an isolation bay as per security protocols.

The aviation industry has been on high alert, with multiple flights experiencing similar security threats in the past few days.

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