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BJP Leader Sends Ambulance for Arvind Kejriwal After ‘Serious Disease’ Claim

Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi Chief Minister, sought an extension of his interim bail from the Supreme Court on May 26, citing the need for medical tests, including a PET-CT scan, due to a potential serious health issue. In response, senior BJP leader Vijay Goel sent an ambulance to Kejriwal’s residence on Saturday, accusing him of “creating drama” to garner public sympathy.

In Brief

  • Ambulance Incident: BJP’s Vijay Goel sent an ambulance to Kejriwal’s residence, but it was stopped by police.
  • Allegations: Goel claimed Kejriwal was seeking sympathy through health-related drama.
  • Medical Concerns: Kejriwal cited significant weight loss and high ketone levels as indicators of serious health issues.

Kejriwal had moved the Supreme Court seeking a seven-day extension of his interim bail to undergo medical tests. He reported losing 7 kg while in jail and mentioned that his ketone levels were alarmingly high, suggesting a possible serious ailment.

The police intervened, stopping the ambulance and Goel before they reached Kejriwal’s official residence in Civil Lines. Goel stated that the ambulance was intended to take Kejriwal to a hospital for expedited medical tests. He urged Kejriwal to stop the “drama” and accompany him for the tests if he was genuinely concerned about his health.

At a press conference, AAP leader and minister Atishi highlighted Kejriwal’s high ketone levels, noting that doctors suggested it could indicate kidney problems or even cancer.

Kejriwal was initially granted a 21-day interim bail by the Supreme Court on May 10 to campaign for the Lok Sabha elections. He is required to surrender on June 2, following the conclusion of the elections.

A Delhi court is set to hear Kejriwal’s application for interim bail later in the day. The Supreme Court registry recently refused urgent listing of his plea for a bail extension, indicating that since Kejriwal was allowed to seek regular bail from the trial court, his plea was not maintainable. Kejriwal emphasized that his request for a bail extension was driven by the need for comprehensive medical tests to address his sudden and unexplained weight loss and high ketone levels, which could point to severe health conditions such as kidney issues, cardiac ailments, or cancer.

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