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Goa’s Calangute Panchayat Proposes ‘No Entry Without Hotel Reservation’ for Tourists Amid Nuisance Complaints

Facing repeated complaints about tourists causing disruptions, the Calangute panchayat in North Goa has proposed a controversial measure to require travelers to have a prior hotel reservation before entering the village. The proposal includes setting up checkpoints on roads leading to Calangute to enforce this rule.

Background and Proposal Details

Calangute, a popular tourist destination known for its bustling beach, has seen an influx of visitors. According to Calangute sarpanch Joseph Sequeira, recent incidents of tourists causing disturbances and engaging in illegal activities have prompted this decision. Issues such as prostitution and touting have become significant concerns for the village.

“These tourists, often arriving in groups of ten packed into a single jeep, spend the day on the beach, get drunk, litter, and engage in illegal activities. When they are caught, they blame the village,” said Sequeira. He believes that mandating prior hotel reservations will act as a deterrent to such behavior.

Opposition and Legal Concerns

However, the proposal has faced criticism, with local MLA labeling it “unconstitutional.” Critics argue that the measure could infringe on the rights of travelers and may not be legally enforceable.

Recent Incidents and Enforcement

The proposal follows recent events in Calangute, including the arrest of two nightclub employees for allegedly extorting money from a tourist. The tourist from Gujarat claimed the suspects had lured him into the nightclub with promises of an introduction to a woman, then demanded money. This incident led to district authorities sealing the club.

The panchayat hopes that by implementing the hotel reservation requirement, they can reduce the nuisance and illegal activities associated with day-trippers who do not stay in the village overnight.

This proposal reflects ongoing efforts to manage the impact of tourism on local communities while balancing the need to maintain Calangute’s appeal as a tourist destination.

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