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Woman Disguised as Courier Agent Attempts Robbery in Delhi, Arrested

New Delhi: A 38-year-old woman, who disguised herself as a courier agent to rob her neighbor, was arrested in Delhi’s Dwarka area, the police reported. Formerly employed in the Civil Defence department, she was currently unemployed.

The police recovered several items used in the attempted robbery from her possession, including a courier bag, a toy gun, hand gloves, two ropes, a bag, and a helmet.

On May 23, a complaint was lodged at the Chhawla police station around 11:30 a.m. The victim reported that a person posing as a courier agent requested a pen to sign a delivery paper. As the victim went inside to fetch the pen, the attacker followed and suddenly assaulted her.

“The attacker began striking her multiple times with a toy pistol, causing her face to bleed. The attacker had covered their face with a towel, wore a helmet, and had gloves on. The victim’s cries for help prompted neighbors to arrive, causing the assailant to flee,” said a senior police officer.

The police collected intelligence and reviewed CCTV footage from Somesh Vihar to Chhawla to identify the suspect. On May 24, a police team received information that the criminal was hiding in a vacant house in Somesh Vihar. Based on the CCTV footage, the accused, Rekha, was arrested, stated Deputy Commissioner of Police (Dwarka) Ankit Singh.

During questioning, Rekha revealed that she had previously worked in Civil Defence but was unemployed and struggling with household expenses and rent. To earn money quickly, she devised a plan to rob her wealthy neighbor, Chandra Kanta, who lived alone during the day. Rekha planned to murder Chandra Kanta and steal a significant amount of money and jewelry.

On May 23, Rekha disguised herself as a courier agent, covering her face and head with a cloth and helmet. She arrived at Chandra Kanta’s house around 11 a.m. and rang the doorbell. When Chandra Kanta opened the door, Rekha asked for a pen. As Chandra Kanta went inside to get the pen, Rekha followed and attacked her, hitting her several times with the toy pistol. Chandra Kanta’s screams for help caused Rekha to flee, fearing capture.

Rekha then hid in a vacant house, changed out of her disguise on the stairs of a neighboring house, and left the items used in the crime there before returning home. Later, she mingled with people at Chandra Kanta’s house to gather information about the incident and avoid suspicion.

Rekha confessed to committing the crime to manage her household expenses by robbing her wealthy neighbor, Chandra Kanta, who lived alone during the day, the DCP added.

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