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Tamil YouTuber Irfan Faces Backlash for Revealing Sex of Unborn Child

Popular Tamil YouTuber Irfan has sparked controversy after posting videos on his YouTube channel, Irfan’s View, revealing the sex of his unborn child. Irfan and his spouse Aaliya traveled to Dubai, where sex determination is legal, to undergo the test, despite it being illegal in India under the Pre-Conception & Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act of 1994.

Controversial Videos

Irfan posted two videos related to the sex determination test. In the first video, uploaded on May 18, Aaliya is shown undergoing the test at a hospital in Dubai. Irfan explains that while sex determination is illegal in India due to past discrimination against female fetuses, it remains legal in Dubai. He mentions that during his birth in 1993, it was common for parents to know the gender of their child, but the practice was halted to prevent gender-based discrimination.

Health Department’s Response

The Health and Family Welfare Department condemned the videos and issued a notice to Irfan. They have also requested the Cyber Crime Wing of Tamil Nadu to take down the video from YouTube. The department’s actions reflect the strict regulations in India aimed at preventing gender discrimination.

Gender Reveal Party

In a subsequent video posted on May 20, Irfan and Aaliya host a gender reveal party in Chennai. The event included relatives and television stars, with guests dressed in pink or blue based on their guesses of the unborn child’s sex. Irfan predicted a girl, while Aaliya guessed a boy. The reveal showed they are expecting a girl. Following backlash, the video, which had garnered over two million views, has since been made private.

Irfan’s YouTube Fame

Irfan is well-known for his food reviews and travel vlogs, boasting 4.29 million subscribers on his channel. Despite his popularity, this incident has drawn significant criticism due to the sensitive nature of sex determination practices in India.

This controversy highlights the ongoing issue of sex determination and gender discrimination in India, reaffirming the importance of adhering to laws designed to prevent such practices.

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