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Little kid adds a twist to the widespread ‘Asoka’ craze. Everyone else can go home.

A small girl reproduced the global ‘Asoka’ craze with a twist in a video that has received over 36 million views.

An cute little girl recreated the viral ‘Asoka’ trend with a twist, prompting the internet to decide that “everyone else can go home” because she definitely championed it. Cheverla Kelsey, a young content creator, danced while singing Kareena Kapoor’s ‘Asoka’ song ‘San Sanana’, which the internet is now infatuated with.

The ‘Asoka’ fad is currently popular on social media, with international content makers lip-syncing ‘San Sanana’ while meticulously adorning themselves in traditional Indian dress, rich makeup, sophisticated haircuts, and beautiful jewellery.

Cheverla, on the other hand, took up the challenge with a twist: she sang and danced to ‘San Sanana’. Her expressions, as well as her dance steps, must be focused on since they are adorable.

Chevrolet’s video has gone viral, with over 36 million views, and social media users are constantly viewing it. “The absolute best! “The one and only true champion of this trend,” one user wrote. Another person commented: “The challenge is over. “Everyone go home.”

“This was the cutest video on my feed,” numerous users commented. We could not agree more.

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