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Kajal Aggarwal Interview: ‘My Risk-Taking Appetite Has Reduced Post Neil’

In an exclusive interview with Hindustan Times, Kajal Aggarwal discusses her upcoming projects, motherhood, and what lies ahead for her career. The energetic and enthusiastic actor will soon be seen in the Telugu film Satyabhama and Kamal Haasan’s Indian 2. Over the past few years, Kajal has married, become a mother, and landed significant roles, balancing her personal and professional life seamlessly.

Talking About Satyabhama

Kajal stars as ACP Satyabhama in her upcoming Telugu film. She admires the character’s humanity, diverging from the typical fierce cop portrayal. “Satyabhama is fierce and feisty yet vulnerable and emotional,” she explains. Unlike her previous comedic cop roles, this character stands out due to its well-rounded writing, making it a wholesome role that could fit any profession.

The Journey with Indian 2

Kajal’s next big project is Indian 2, directed by Shankar and starring Kamal Haasan. Offered the role four years ago, she started shooting shortly after giving birth. Despite the timing, she was well-prepared with a strong support system from her family and husband. Shooting was challenging, but the support from Shankar and others made it manageable. Kajal kept her son Neil close but away from the set to avoid any health risks.

Highlight of Indian 2

Working with Kamal Haasan and Shankar was a highlight for Kajal. The role spans from a young girl to an older woman, involving extensive use of prosthetics and makeup, adding excitement and challenge to the project.

Shifts in Industry Perception

Kajal acknowledges a positive shift in the industry’s attitude towards married women and mothers. “I’m fortunate to still get author-backed roles,” she says, noting the growing understanding of maternity needs in the film industry.

Changes Post-Motherhood

Motherhood has profoundly impacted Kajal. She now prioritizes quality roles over quantity, focusing on four significant projects a year. Her perspective on life and risk-taking has shifted, becoming more cautious and responsible.

Embracing OTT Platforms

Kajal is open to exploring OTT platforms, valuing the diverse opportunities they offer. She believes OTT allows for greater risk-taking compared to traditional cinema and is eager to experiment with different genres.

Future Roles and Directors

Kajal is looking for impactful, positive roles that challenge her in new ways. She is excited about working with directors like Lokesh Kanagaraj, Venkatesh Maha, Sandeep Raj, and Arjun VK.

Kajal Aggarwal continues to captivate audiences with her versatile performances and dedication to her craft, balancing her roles as an actor and a mother with grace and determination.

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