PM Modi's Meditation at Vivekananda Rock Memorial and 45-Hour Fast

PM Modi’s Meditation at Vivekananda Rock Memorial and 45-Hour Fast

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has commenced a 45-hour meditation session at the revered Vivekananda Rock Memorial, starting on Thursday evening. Newly released images show the PM in ‘dhyan’ mudra. In a change from his 2019 Lok Sabha election campaign reflection at Kedarnath cave, Modi has now chosen this spiritually significant site at the southernmost tip of mainland India.

On Thursday, Modi offered prayers at the Bhagavathi Amman temple, then traveled by ferry to the rock memorial to begin his meditation, which will continue until the evening of June 1. Dressed in a dhoti and a white shawl, he prayed at the temple and performed a circumambulation of the ‘garbhagriha’. Special ‘arthi’ rituals were conducted by the priests, and Modi received temple ‘prasad’, including a shawl and a framed photograph of the temple’s deity.

Heightened Security Measures

Security has been significantly increased in Kanyakumari district, with approximately 2,000 police personnel deployed. The Tamil Nadu police’s Coastal Security Group, along with the Coast Guard and the Navy, are maintaining a heightened vigil to ensure safety during the PM’s visit.

This meditation site holds particular significance for Modi as it is believed to be where spiritual icon Swami Vivekananda had a divine vision of ‘Bharat Mata’.

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