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Schools Reopen Today After Summer Break – A Sweet Start for Students

After approximately 40 days of summer vacation, schools are set to reopen today, bringing joy to students ready to return to their academic routines. Following the end-of-year exams in April, students embarked on their holidays, spending time traveling, visiting their hometowns, and reuniting with grandparents and relatives. Now, the academic year 2024-2025 begins anew.

A Fresh Start to the Academic Year

Today marks the first day back at school for millions of students across roughly 20,000 institutions, including government, private, and government-aided schools. The excitement is palpable as students prepare to reunite with friends after the long break. For the past 10 days, families have been busy getting ready, purchasing uniforms, bags, books, and stationery in anticipation of the new school year.

Mixed Emotions Among Students

While many students are eagerly heading to school, thrilled to catch up with their friends, some are feeling a bit anxious, wishing the summer vacation could have been extended. Nonetheless, the start of the school year brings a blend of excitement and nervousness.

A Sweet Welcome Back

In preparation for the new term, school campuses have been thoroughly cleaned. To mark the reopening and celebrate the birthday of the late former Chief Minister Karunanidhi, authorities have arranged for sweet Pongal to be distributed to students. Additionally, the school schedule for this year has been released, noting an extension to 220 school days. This thoughtful gesture aims to make the first day back even more special for the students.

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