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Under Paris Movie Review: Bérénice Bejo Takes a Dive into Absurdity in Netflix’s Aquatic Adventure

In “Under Paris,” Netflix plunges viewers into the Seine with a preposterous premise: What if a colossal shark prowled beneath the City of Lights? The film, more akin to the campy “Snakes on a Plane” than the tense “Jaws,” appears tailored for teenage boys but lacks the thrill to captivate even the most indulgent audience.

Bérénice Bejo stars as Sophia, a marine biologist confronting a gargantuan shark terrorizing the river Seine. The plot unfolds with cartoonish absurdity, as Sophia races against time to thwart the beast’s menace. However, the film’s attempts at suspense flounder amidst shoddy CGI and a narrative that struggles to stay afloat.

Director Xavier Gens infuses “Under Paris” with a hint of environmental activism, rallying a motley crew to confront the aquatic threat. Yet, the film’s social commentary is as murky as its waters, obscured by outlandish plot twists and implausible scenarios.

While Bejo delivers a committed performance, her efforts are drowned out by the film’s disjointed storytelling and lackluster execution. “Under Paris” fails to rise above its B-movie origins, leaving viewers adrift in a sea of mediocrity.

Despite its potential, “Under Paris” ultimately sinks beneath the weight of its own absurdity. While there may be some guilty pleasure to be found in its sheer audacity, discerning viewers would be wise to steer clear of this cinematic shipwreck.

“Under Paris”

Director: Xavier Gens

Cast: Bérénice Bejo, Nassim Lyes, Léa Léviant, Anaïs Parello

Rating: 2/5

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