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Controversy Erupts as Female Politician Demands Legal Action Against Top Actors for Alleged Drug Use

A female politician has stirred controversy by insisting on legal action against top actors Vijay, Dhanush, and Trisha, following allegations made by singer Suchitra. Known for her outspoken views, Suchitra claimed in a recent interview that these actors, along with her ex-husband Karthik Kumar and actress Andrea Jeremiah, engage in drug consumption at parties.

Veeralakshmi, leader of the Tamilaga Munnetra Padai party, has demanded a narcotics test and legal repercussions for the accused actors. Expressing concern over the influence of celebrities on the public, Veeralakshmi stated, “People in the cine field have the power to influence society positively. However, being accused of drug use tarnishes their image and sets a negative example for the youth.”

Insisting on a thorough investigation, Veeralaksmi emphasized the need for the police to probe Suchitra’s claims and conduct medical examinations on Vijay, Dhanush, Trisha, Andrea, and Karthik Kumar. Her statements have sparked a debate among fans, with the video of Veeralakshmi’s remarks gaining traction on social media platforms.

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