Join PSL 75 for an Enlightening Lecture on Gene, Genome, Genomics - The 3Gs and Society

Join PSL 75 for an Enlightening Lecture on Gene, Genome, Genomics – The 3Gs and Society

Date & Time:
Saturday, July 6, 2024, at 11:00 AM (GMT+05:30)

Anna Centenary Library, Chennai, India

Event Overview:
Discover the fascinating world of genetics and its profound impact on society at PSL 75’s event, “Gene, Genome, Genomics – The 3Gs and Society.” This educational lecture, led by Dr. S. Revathi Devi, will delve into the evolution of genetics, from the foundational Mendelian laws of inheritance to the cutting-edge advancements in genomic research.

About the Speaker:
Dr. S. Revathi Devi is an esteemed Assistant Professor at SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai. With a PhD in Genetics from the University of Madras and postdoctoral research experience from the National Institute of Genetics, Japan, Dr. Devi’s expertise lies in identifying causative genes of rare genetic diseases and evaluating viral evolution genomically. She has published nearly 19 research papers and is currently focusing on cancer-causing rare genetic diseases.

About the Lecture:
In 1865, Gregor Johann Mendel, the father of Genetics, formulated the “Mendelian laws of inheritance,” which remain foundational in understanding genetic inheritance. Mendel’s work, though pioneering, did not yet encompass the concept of genes as we know them today. The term “gene” was introduced in 1909, marking the beginning of an era that saw genetics evolve into a multidimensional field.

From the discovery of individual genes to sequencing entire genomes, genetic science has made extraordinary strides, particularly over the past two decades. We now possess the capability to decode an organism’s entire genetic information swiftly, enabling breakthroughs in areas such as disease susceptibility, evolutionary studies, and personalized medicine. Genomics plays a crucial role in diagnosing and treating rare genetic diseases, often through innovative genome-editing techniques.

This lecture will explore the significance of genomics in contemporary society, emphasizing its applications and potential impacts on individuals and communities. Join us to gain a comprehensive understanding of this transformative field.

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