Artificial Intelligence Workshop

Artificial Intelligence Workshop


Join our comprehensive Artificial Intelligence (AI) workshop designed for both beginners and professionals looking to deepen their understanding of AI technologies. This workshop provides a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience to help you become proficient in AI applications.

Workshop Content


  • Reasons Behind the Popularity of Artificial Intelligence and Its Future
    • Explore the driving forces behind AI’s rise and its potential future impact on various industries.
  • AI Architectures Behind Google, Facebook, and Amazon
    • Learn about the AI architectures used by tech giants and how you can leverage similar technologies in your projects.
  • Becoming an Excel AI Engineer
    • Understand the essential programming skill set required to excel as an AI engineer.
  • Available Knowledge Resources
    • Discover valuable resources to learn and practice AI in your day-to-day life.


  • Programming Practice Using Python
    • Engage in hands-on programming sessions to build your own AI applications using Python.
  • Hands-on Session on AI Tools
    • Get practical experience with the latest AI tools used in India and around the world.


  • Top AI Engineers’ Resumes
    • Gain insights into what top AI engineers’ resumes look like and the key skills they include.

Note: A laptop is mandatory for this workshop as the sessions involve hands-on programming.

Refund Policy

Please note that tickets once booked cannot be refunded. Ensure your availability and commitment before booking your spot.


Tickets for the Artificial Intelligence Workshop can be booked here.


Embark on a journey to master AI with our detailed workshop. From understanding the theoretical foundations to gaining hands-on experience, this workshop is designed to equip you with the skills needed to thrive in the world of AI. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your career and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving tech landscape!

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