Parliament Security Breach

Backlash Mounts Over Reinstatement of 8 Delhi Police Personnel Involved in Parliament Security Breach

Five months after the suspension of eight police personnel due to a security breach at Parliament, the Parliament Security Service has instructed the Delhi Police to reinstate them.

The breach occurred on December 13 last year, when two individuals with smoke canisters leapt into the Lok Sabha chamber from the visitors’ gallery. A preliminary probe by a committee led by CRPF Director General Anish Dayal Singh revealed security lapses during visitor frisking at the entry point. As a result, eight Delhi Police security personnel were suspended.

However, during a security review, it was discovered that all police personnel had thoroughly checked visitors, with no mandate to inspect shoes. One of the suspended officers, nearing retirement, submitted his representation.

Following communication from the Parliament Security Service, the Delhi Police security unit has issued a new order for their reinstatement.

Post-incident, the Centre tasked the CISF with conducting a survey of Parliament premises for regular deployment. In January, 140 CISF personnel underwent training on Parliament premises before the Budget Session. They, alongside Delhi Police, commenced frisking visitors and their belongings.

Previously, only Delhi Police personnel conducted frisking. Last month, CISF replaced 150 Delhi Police personnel deployed alongside the Parliament Security Service post the December 13 breach.

Presently, the security of the Parliament complex, including vehicular access and pass issuance, is managed by CISF personnel. This transition began on Tuesday and will conclude over the week. This follows the Home Ministry’s appointment of a panel to evaluate whether CISF personnel should fully take over Parliament security, encompassing managing security arrangements, issuing passes, and regulating movement of MPs, VIPs, officials, and the media.

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