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Top 10 international Schools in Chennai, 2024-25 

The importance of international schools has increased in the modern, globally interconnected world. These educational establishments are shining examples of global learning, providing students with an exceptional chance to form well-rounded opinions about the globe. From an early age, these schools cultivate a global worldview by exposing students to a diverse range of cultures, languages, and points of view.

Through a comprehensive approach to education, international schools prioritize the development of vital life skills like communication, teamwork, and adaptability in addition to academic performance.

Teaching and Learning Approaches

Student-Centered Learning:

A focus on fostering individual learning, problem-solving, and critical thinking abilities.

Teachers facilitate learning by leading students through activities that are experiential and inquiry-based.

Holistic Development:

Prioritize the holistic development of students, encompassing their intellectual, social, emotional, and physical maturation.

Integrating community service, athletics, the arts, and music as essential components of the curriculum.

Multicultural Environment:

Exposure to a range of cultures and opinions, which promotes tolerance and an open mind to other points of view.

Opportunities for pupils to comprehend global issues and learn several languages.

Use of Technology:

Utilizing contemporary technologies in the classroom, including interactive whiteboards, internet resources, and instructional software.

Promotion of technology responsibility and digital literacy.

Top 10 International Schools in Chennai

1. Anand Singapore International School (ASIS)

Anand Singapore International School (ASIS)

Established in 2020, Anand Singapore International School (ASIS) is a prestigious school run by the renowned “Kalasalingam and Anand Ammal Charities.” With great delight, ASIS works with the SIS group of schools to provide Chennai, a dynamic metropolis, with top-notch educational facilities and a distinctive Tri-curriculum education system. ASIS is the first international school in Chennai to obtain a Hedge Certification, demonstrating its pioneering status in the area by adhering firmly to the Singapore syllabus.


Address: Madanandapuram, Mugalivakkam Road, Porur, Chennai – 600116

Contact number: +91 80 121 35555, +91 73 977 60770 

Google Rating: 4.5 (based on 180 reviews) 

2. Aachi Global International School

Aachi Global International School

Aachi Global School was founded in 2016 and delivers a visionary education across its two campuses in Chennai. Method based on the Multiple Intelligences Theory. The school ensures that children are well-prepared for the future by offering cutting-edge facilities, Cambridge Early Years, and Cambridge Assessment International Education programs. Aachi Global School is dedicated to developing a love of lifelong learning and a variety of abilities.


Curriculum: CBSE, Cambridge  

Address: 53-A, Church Street, Thangam Colony, Anna Nagar, Chennai,

Tamil Nadu 600-040

Contact number: +91 73388 56789 


Google Rating: 4.5 (based on 172 reviews)

3. Sri Sankara Global Academy

Sri Sankara Global Academy

In Chennai, Sri Sankara Global School (SSGA) was founded in 2012. The goal of SSGA is to motivate students to achieve both academically and personally in a respectful and loving atmosphere that encourages learning, taking chances, and embracing difficulties while treating everyone equally and with dignity.


Address: No. 13, Thiruvalluvar Nagar, Kilkattalai, Chennai – 600117

Contact number: +91-44-22475862, +91-44-45584126 

Google Rating: 4.5 (based on 32 reviews)

4. American International School

One prestigious school that is a great option for those looking for a first-rate education in Chennai is the American International School Chennai (AISC). AISC, which was founded in 1995, is a close-knit society that values academic quality, internationalism, a sincere love of learning, and a strong dedication to helping others. The main goals of the school are to foster a love of learning, provide pupils with the necessary problem-solving abilities, and foster cooperative, just, and efficient teamwork.


Address: 100 Feet Road, Taramani, Chennai – 600113

Contact number: +91 44 2254 9000


Google Rating: 4.4 (based on 180 reviews)

5. Shiv Nadar School, Chennai

Shiv Nadar School

The environment of this institution is excellent. The staff’s goal in providing assistance to youngsters is to enable them to think independently, come up with original ideas, pursue their aspirations, and develop the strength to deal with life’s challenges. Every fundamental skill needed by the kids for their future needs is taught in school.

Address: 2737+V66, Besant Ave Rd, Karpagam Gardens, Adyar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600020

Phone: 099900 35641

Hours: 8 am–3 pm

Rating: 4.6

6. Grace International School

Grace International School is a versatile and student-centered institution that is well-known for its cutting-edge Activity-Based Learning (ABL) approach, safe and nurturing environment, experienced educators, and a comprehensive curriculum that includes International Montessori Syllabus, IGCSE (UK Edexcel), and CBSE options starting in 2019.


Address: No.1 Nazeeb Avenue, Abhraham Lincoln Street, Chitlapakkam, Chennai-600064.

Contact number: 9840195104 

Google Rating: 4.4 (based on 71 reviews)

7. Gateway International School

Gateway International School

Curriculum offered by Chennai-based Gateway International School (GIS) include IB, IGCSE, and CBSE. GIS, which is dedicated to “Inspiring Excellence” and values-based education, equips students to achieve academic success and develop into caring global citizens. It offers a comprehensive education across many campuses, including GTCS (Cambridge) and CBSE branches in Padur and Neelankarai. It is the first continuum IB school in Chennai. Website:

Address: No.2/664, Rangareddy Garden, ECR, Neelankarai, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai – 600 041.

Contact number: 044 – 4287 1074


Google Rating: 4.3 (based on 96 reviews)

8. M Ct M. Chidambaram Chettyar

M Ct M. Chidambaram Chettyar

Established in 2009, the M.CT.M Chidambaram Chettyar International School is a well-known educational institution in Chennai that provides an international education for grades 11 and 12 through the International Baccalaureate program (IBDP). On its expansive three-acre campus in Mylapore, it promotes self-directed learning, self-sufficiency, and top-notch facilities. For grades 6 through 10, the school now offers Cambridge programs in addition to the IBDP.


Curriculum: Cambridge & IB 

Address: 179, Luz Church Road, Mylapore, Chennai – 600 004.

Contact number: +91 44 24670120


Google Rating: 4.2 (based on 153 reviews)

9. St. Francis International School

St. Francis International School

Renowned for providing excellent IGCSE education, St. Francis International School in Chennai places a strong emphasis on committed instruction and research-based scholarship. Fostering a love of learning, safety, and respect are all highly valued at this school, which offers a supportive atmosphere where kids can thrive academically and develop into responsible global citizens.


Address: 79, Anna Main Road, Kolapakkam Gerugambakkam Post,

Chennai 600128, Tamilnadu, India.

Contact number: 7358409127 / 9840740553 / 9710888252 / 7338955105 / 044 29891001 / 044 29891002

Email: / 

Google Rating: 4.2 (based on 153 reviews)

10. The Lord’s International School

The Lords’ International School prioritizes excellent instruction and solid teacher-student bonds in a secure, small-class setting. The school’s goal is to instill kindness, respect, and integrity in its children while preparing them for success in secondary education.


Address: 428/1, Munu Adhi Road, Chennai – 600 063

Contact number: +91 72000 59525


Google Rating: 4.1 (based on 95 reviews)


International schools provide a high-quality, well-rounded education with an emphasis on academic performance, personal growth, and intercultural awareness in order to prepare pupils for a globalised world.

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