Top 10 Chettinad Hotels in Chennai  

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Hello to all non-veg lovers out there! We’re back with another mouthwatering treat for you. After exploring every nook and corner of Chennai, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best Chettinad hotels in the city. Chennaites, get ready to indulge in a perfect non-veg feast this weekend.

List of top 10 Chettinad hotels in Chennai

1. Curry Box


Curry Box in Perungudi, Chennai, stands out as a beacon for those craving authentic South Indian flavors, particularly Chettinad cuisine. Renowned for its flavorful dishes that are crafted using homemade spice blends and fresh ingredients, this flagship restaurant has garnered a loyal following among its clientele. 


Signature dishes: Clay pot chicken Dum Parotta, Nandu Omelette, Kozhi Uppu Kari, etc 

Cuisine: Chettinad, South Indian, Chinese and Sichuan 

Customer opinions: Food Tastes Great, Best Food under Best Budget, Quantity, Food, Packaging, Value for Money 

Average cost: ₹200 per order 

Location: UCH Municipality, No. 1118, Advent Church, MGR Salai, 5/352, Church Rd, Kandhanchavadi, Perungudi, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600096 

Timing:  12–4:30 pm, 6–11 pm 

Contact number: 04435741325 

Ratings: Google 4.7 based on 1827 reviews 

Zomato: 3.6 based on 1067 reviews 

2. Amma Chettinadu Restaurant


Amma Chettinadu Restaurant in T. Nagar was established in the year 1983. The restaurant’s ambiance, marked by the nostalgic presence of MGR movie songs and a collection of MGR photos, adds a unique touch to the dining experience, making it more than just about the food. It’s an experience that transports you to a different era. 


Signature dishes: Thali, Seafood, Mutton, soup, fish, biryani 

Cuisine: Chettinad, South Indian, Chinese, North Indian, Sea Food, Beverages 

Customer opinions: Relaxed Atmosphere, Great Value, Theme, Meals, Preparation, Food Taste, home food taste, banana leaf serving.   

Average cost: ₹700 for two 

Location: Gopathi Narayanaswami Chetty Road, 1, Giri Rd, T. Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017 

Timing: 11:30 am–11 pm 

Contact number: 04428340242 

Ratings: Google 4.0 based on 3937 reviews  

Zomato: 4.2 based on 743 reviews 

3. Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant Nungambakkam

Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant, with its roots in Chennai, India, has become a global ambassador for Chettinad cuisine, renowned for its rich flavors and use of fresh ingredients. Starting in 1964 under the vision of Mr. Anjappan and with the blessings of the iconic actor Sri M G Ramachandran, Anjappar has expanded from a single outlet to a worldwide presence, boasting over 48 outlets in India and more than 35 internationally, spanning 25 countries. 


Signature dishes: nalli roast, biryani, kotthu parotta  

Cuisine: Chettinad, South Indian, Chinese, North Indian, Sea Food, Beverages  

Average cost: ₹700 for two  

Location: J P Tower, 7/2, Nungambakkam High Rd, Tirumurthy Nagar, Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600034 

Timing: 11:30 am–11:30 pm 

Contact number: 09566280627 

Ratings: Google 3.9 based on 5250 reviews   

Zomato: 3.8 based on 273 reviews 

4. Karaikudi Chettinad restaurant, VR Mall

Kaaraikudi Chettinad Restaurant, located in VR Mall, Anna Nagar, Chennai, is celebrated for bringing the authentic flavors of Chettinad cuisine to an urban audience. This restaurant, a part of a 30-year-old Chennai-based brand, offers a rich variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that embody the quintessential tastes of the Chettinad region. 


Signature dishes: Biryani, karandi omelet, nandu rasam, sora puttu, etc 

Cuisine: Chettinad, South Indian, Chinese, North Indian Sea Food, Beverages   

Customer opinions: taste was good, good service, welcome soup was nice, bit costly for quantity. 

Average cost: ₹800 for two   

Location: 2nd Floor, VR MALL, 44, Pillaiyar Koil St, Anna Nagar West, Anna Nagar West Extension, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600040 

Timing: 11 am–10:30 pm  

Ratings: Google 4.3 based on 2067 reviews    

5. Chettinad Canteen


Chettinad Canteen is a fine dining restaurant known for its authentic Chettinad cuisine and ambiance, serving a variety of traditional dishes that cater to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian preferences.  

Signature dishes: 5 & 7-course meal, rasam, etc  

Cuisine: Chettinad, South Indian, Beverages    

Customer opinions: taste was good, good service, wholesome Chettinad experience, reservation is needed.  

Average cost: ₹1000 for two    

Location: 50, Seethammal Rd, Seethammal Colony, Lubdhi Colony, Teynampet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600018 

Timing: 12:30–3 pm, 7:30–10 pm   

Contact number: 09363631080 

Ratings: Google 4.5 based on 226 reviews     

Zomato: 3.4 based on 16 reviews 

6. Madurai Kumar Mess, Vadapalani


Madurai Kumar Mess has been serving authentic Chettinad cuisine since 1975. Founded by Dharmalingam Pillai during Madurai’s Chithirai Thiruvizha, it has grown from a single-meal service to seven outlets in Madurai and Chennai. 


Signature dishes: bucket biryani, kari dosai, vanjaran fish kulambu, masala omelet, etc   

Cuisine: Chettinad, South Indian, Seafood 

Customer opinions: fantastic service, food was quite spicy, tasty non-veg meals, bit expensive. 

Average cost: ₹500 for two     

Location: No 165&167, 100 Feet Rd, Vadapalani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600026 

Timing:  11:30 am–4 pm, 6–11 pm 

Contact number: 04424809999 

Ratings: Google 4.1 based on 7861 reviews      

Zomato: 3.3 based on 849 reviews

7. Erode Amman Mess

Renowned for their authentic South Indian dishes, Erode Amman mess offers an array of exquisite non-vegetarian delicacies cooked with traditional flavors and techniques. It stands out as a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience the true taste of authentic South Indian cuisine. 

Signature dishes: Thali, pichipota kara kozhi, pallipalayam chicken. Kozhi rasam, japan chicken, etc    

Cuisine: Chettinad, South Indian, Seafood  

Customer opinions: unforgettable South Indian dining experience, mutton Briyani and Japan chicken must try, each dish has its unique and authentic flavor,  

Average cost: ₹800 for two      

Location: 27&28, Velachery Main Rd, Navaneetham Nagar, Vijaya Nagar, Velachery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600042 

Timing:  12–4 pm, 7–11 pm 

Contact number: 04447756688 

Ratings: Google 4.1 based on 1266 reviews     

8.T.Nagar Pudukkottai Ayya Chettinad Mess


Pudukottai Ayya Chettinad Mess, located in T. Nagar, Chennai, is highly rated for its authentic Chettinad cuisine, offering a variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Ayya Chettinad Mess offers a comfortable dining experience with facilities like breakfast options and open-air seating, making it an inviting place for a traditional meal with family and friends. 


Signature dishes: Biryani, non-veg meals, etc. 

Cuisine: Chettinad, Chinese, South Indian, Biryani, Seafood 

Customer opinions: Management, Customizable Food, Elaborate Menu, Fresh Food, Quality, Value for Money 

Average cost: ₹800 for two       

Location: 27&28, Velachery Main Rd, Navaneetham Nagar, Vijaya Nagar, Velachery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600042  

Timing:  11:30 am–3:30 pm, 6:30–11 pm 

Contact number: 09444020069 

Ratings: Google 4.2 based on 1509 reviews        

Swiggy: 4.2 based on 1000 reviews  

9. Viswanath Chettinad Hotel


Viswanathan Chettinadu Hotel in Mylapore, Chennai, with over 20 years of history, is celebrated for its authentic Chettinad cuisine. It holds a strong reputation for delivering traditional flavors through a variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. It is a non-ac hotel.  

Signature dishes: nonveg meals with 6 gravies, prawn thokku, vanjaram fry 

Cuisine: Chettinad, South Indian, Chinese 

Customer opinions: Breakfast, Best Place, Good Food, Good Taste, Value for Money 

Average cost: ₹300 for two         

Location: 6, PV Koil St, Slaterpuram, Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600004 

Timing:  7 am–4 pm, 7–10 pm 

Contact number: 09380455555 

Ratings: Google 3.9 based on 2131 reviews          

Zomato: 4.2 based on 196 reviews  

10. Arasi Chettynad Mess


Arasi Chettinad Mess, located in Triplicane, Chennai, is known for its authentic South Indian and Chettinad cuisine. 

Signature dishes:Nattu Kozhi, fish curry, sura puttu etc  

Cuisine: Chettinad, South Indian,  

Customer opinions: affordable 

Average cost: ₹400 for two        

Location: Police Quarters, Triplicane, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600014 

Timing:  7:30–11 am, 12–3:30 pm, 7–9 pm 

Ratings: Google 4.1based on 590 reviews         

Zomato: 3.5 based on 27 reviews 


Satisfy your cravings for spicy and tasty non-vegetarian dishes at one of these authentic Chettinad hotels, each renowned for its unique flavors and traditional cooking techniques. Food preferences vary from person to person, so exploring these options can help you discover your favorite. Let us know in the comments which one you liked and which didn’t meet your expectations from our list.

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