Top 10 Poultry Farm In Chennai

Sustainable Practices in Modern Poultry Farming

Poultry farms are agricultural operations dedicated to raising domesticated birds such as chickens, ducks, turkeys, and geese for meat and eggs. Like in many other cities, Chennai’s poultry farming has witnessed substantial changes and advancements over time. Poultry products are always in demand because they are one of the main sources of protein, which encourages innovation and adaptability in the sector. In response to this trend, poultry farms in Chennai are providing organic feed choices and allowing their birds to roam freely, both of which are in line with sustainable and humane farming methods.

Types of Poultry Farms:

Broiler Farms: These farms raise hens primarily for the purpose of producing meat. Generally speaking, broilers are bred to grow swiftly and effectively into muscle from feed.

Layer Farms: Hens raised on layer farms are raised specifically to produce eggs. Here, quality and efficiency of egg laying are the main concerns.

Free-Range and Organic Farms: These farms, which are becoming more and more well-liked, let chickens wander outside and occasionally have access to natural feed. Organic farms adhere to stringent regulations concerning feed and health care.

Integrated Farms: These are large-scale enterprises that are managed by a single business and may involve the breeding, hatching, growing, and processing of poultry.

Operations and Management:

Housing: Barns or sheds that are built to give the right amount of ventilation, temperature control, and predator protection are used to house poultry.

Feed and Water: A balanced diet high in grains, protein, vitamins, and minerals is necessary for poultry. To maintain their health, they must have access to clean water.

Health Management: Maintaining immunization records and preventing illnesses are essential. Antibiotics are used sparingly on some farms to treat illnesses.

Waste Management: Because of its bulk and possible influence on the environment, handling chicken waste presents a considerable challenge. Waste management systems are used by many farms to recycle or properly dispose of manure.


Disease Management: Diseases that spread quickly among flocks can affect poultry farms, affecting both productivity and profitability.

Environmental Concerns: Significant problems include waste handling and possible pollution, particularly on large farms.

Regulations and Compliance: Regarding food safety, environmental protection, and animal welfare, farms are subject to municipal, state, and federal regulations.

Economic Importance:

Poultry farming contributes significantly to global economies by giving us access to essential protein sources like meat and eggs. Through job creation and community support, it enhances rural economies and food security.

Technological Advancements:

Technology has revolutionized the poultry industry. Examples include climate control in barns, genetic advancements in bird breeds, automated feeding systems, and data analytics for farm management.

Sustainability Efforts:

In chicken farming, there is an increasing focus on sustainable practices that minimize environmental effect, enhance animal welfare, and maximize resource utilization.


1. How Do You Go About Running a Poultry Farm?

Approximately INR 50,000 to INR 2, 00,000 can be allocated as capital for small-scale chicken farming enterprises. However, the initial expenditure required to launch a large-scale chicken business might go up to Rs. 10-15 lakhs.

2. Is it taxable to raise chickens in India?

The Income-tax Act of 1961 exempts agricultural income from taxation. It’s crucial to remember that revenue from related agricultural pursuits such as raising sheep or chickens is not regarded as agricultural income. Thus, income from these kinds of activities may be subject to taxation.

3. Do broiler chickens make a profit?

Even though raising broilers is thought to be economical, a number of factors, including feed quality, management techniques, and genetics, may have an impact.

4. Which Tamil Nadu district is well-known for its poultry?

Known by most as Egg City or Poultry Town these days, Namakkal is India’s second-largest egg producer, after Andhra Pradesh. The 1,100 poultry farms employ thousands of people directly and indirectly and generate five to six crore eggs a day.

5. What is the number of chicken farmers in India?

According to estimates, there are about 30 million farmers who raise backyard chickens, and there are an estimated 729 million poultry.

Top 10 Poultry Farm In Chennai



A prominent player in the poultry farming sector, SRI PARAMESHWARI POULTRY FARM is well-known for its dedication to high standards and environmentally friendly operations. The farm, which is located in an area that is suitable for rearing poultry, focuses on breeding and raising several species of poultry, mostly chickens, for the production of eggs (layers) and meat (broilers).

Address: NO 7/11 PARASAKTHI NAGAR AGARAM MAIN ROAD, Camp Rd, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600073

Phone: 098412 08422

Hours: 7 am–9 pm

Rating: 5.0

2. Saila Farms

Free Range Saila Raising native chicken breeds, also referred to as “Nattu Kozhi” or “country chickens,” in a free-range setting is the mission of the innovative Nattu Kozhi Chicken Farm. This farm, which is located in a lovely rural environment, uses both modern sustainable farming methods and traditional farming methods to protect the health and well-being of the hens while providing high-quality, nutritional poultry products.

Address: No. 27, old no, 18, Jothi Nagar 1st St, Jothi Nagar, Chitlapakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600064

Phone: 090878 77979

Hours: 9 am–5 pm

Rating: 4.9

3. Jai Integrated Farm

Jai Integrated Farm

The goal of the sustainable agriculture project Jai Integrated Farm is to develop an environmentally sound, self-sufficient farming system. This farm, which is situated, uses a combination of conventional and modern agricultural methods to increase output while preserving the natural equilibrium. Integrating crop agriculture, animal husbandry, aquaculture, and agroforestry to produce a self-sustaining and synergistic agricultural environment is the central tenet of Jai Integrated Farm.

Address: No25, Deiva Nagar, 3rd Cross St, West Tambaram, Irumbuliyur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600045

Phone: 7942690967

Hours: 7:00 am – 8:00 pm

Rating: 4.7

4. Dd Poultry

A company called DD Poultry specializes in producing and selling premium poultry products. DD Poultry was founded with the goal of providing fresh, wholesome chicken, turkey, and other poultry products. Over time, the company has earned a reputation for its attention to food safety, animal welfare, and environmentally friendly farming methods.

Address: V5HX+2PJ, Sithalapakkam Rd, Kumaran Nagar, Semmancheri, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600126

Hours: 8 am–8 pm

Rating: 4.5

5. Aqgromalin Farmtech Services Private Limited

Aqgromalin Farmtech Services Private Limited (1)

Aqgromalin wants to close the gap between conventional farming and contemporary technology in order to have a major positive impact on the agricultural industry. Giving farmers the resources and information they need to prosper in a cutthroat and dynamic market is their mission. Aqgromalin supports resilience and growth in the agricultural community by encouraging innovation and sustainability.

Address: 51, Ratha Tek Meadows Rd, Elcot Sez, Sholinganallur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600119

Hours: 9 am–7 pm

Rating: 4.6

6. Kadaknath Chick Inn Organic farm

Kadaknath Chick Inn Organic farm

A leading agricultural facility, Kadaknath Chick Inn Organic Farm is devoted to the production and marketing of the Kadaknath breed of chicken, which is well-known for its distinct characteristics and advantageous health effects. This farm, which adheres to organic farming methods to ensure the highest standards of animal welfare and product quality, is located in a lush and sustainable environment.

Address: NO 25, DEIVA NAGAR, Chelliamman Kovil 3rd Cross St, West Tambaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600045

Hours: 7:00 am – 8:00 pm

Rating: 4.7


VMS Farms is a model of contemporary, ethical farming that seeks to improve society and the environment in addition to being a location where food is raised. VMS Farms is laying the foundation for a more profitable and environmentally friendly future in agriculture with their commitment to sustainable methods and technology innovation.

Address: No.13/14, Subash Chandra Bose St, Ramana Nagar, Perambur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600011

Phone: 07947412169

Hours: 7 am–10 pm

Rating: 4.6

8. Jolly Farm VELACHERY

A well-known family amusement and pleasure destination, Jolly Farm Velachery is situated in Chennai, India’s busy Velachery area. Jolly Farm is well-known for its lively and captivating ambiance and provides a range of attractions and activities for guests of all ages.

Address: 137, 100 Feet Rd, Venkateswara Nagar, Velachery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600042

Phone: 089390 20406

Hours: 7 am–10 pm

Rating: 5.0

9. Bhavani Venkat Organic Farm

A well-known family amusement and pleasure destination, Jolly Farm Velachery is situated in Chennai, India’s busy Velachery area. Jolly Farm is well-known for its lively and captivating ambiance and provides a range of attractions and activities for guests of all ages.

Address: No 15, 10th Street, Annanagar, Pattabiram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600072

Phone: 086100 22837

Hours: 6 am–9 pm

Rating: 5.0

10. Small Homegrown poultry farm

Small Homegrown poultry farm

Small, locally owned poultry farms emphasize quality, diversity, and community involvement as part of a grassroots approach to sustainable agriculture. These farms contribute significantly to the development of wholesome food systems and the reconnection of consumers with the sources of their food by showing kindness and respect to their flocks.

Address:  10, 2nd St, East Balaji Nagar, Kallikuppam, Ambattur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600053

Phone: 091765 27268

Hours: Open 24 hours

Rating: 5.0


Chicken farming, taken as a whole, is a broad category of activities with the goal of effectively producing chicken products while resolving a variety of issues, keeping up with technology improvements, and meeting sustainability standards.

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